Customizing RenderingΒΆ

The basic 3DB functionality uses blender as the default renderer. However, other user-specified renderers can easily be integrated into 3DB as well.

In particular, to add a custom renderer to 3DB, the first step is to subclass the provided abstract base class, threedb.rendering.base_renderer.BaseRenderer:

Then, one needs to implement the following functions into the custom renderer class: __init__, enumerate_models, enumerate_environments, declare_outputs, load_model, get_model_uid, load_env, setup_render, get_context_dict, and render.

A detailed description of the functionality of each of these functions is provided in threedb.rendering.base_renderer.BaseRenderer. Further, example implementations of these functions (for Blender) can be found in threedb.rendering.render_blender.Blender.